Genmab Q3 2015

Gameplan November

I sidste uge kom 2 af vores shortlist shipping selskaber (se nedenfor) med regnskaber, som til fulde levede op til forventninger om et Tanker-markedet som er båret frem af lave oliepriser og høj efterspørgsel. Vi har taget endnu et selskab på vores shortlist som fragter gas også, hvis flåde er helt nybygget (gns. 1,6 år) og som over de næste …

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Pfizer / Allergan merger

The gateway to small- and midcap stocks in Scandinavia. Steen has more than 15 years hands-on expericence in analysing and investing in stocks. He is a weekly contributor and analyst in “Aktieugebrevet”, one of the leading sources of independent analysis in Denmark.

Peter Hildebrandt, also known as “Akademikeren”, has been investing for more than 17 years. Mainly invests in Undervalued technology and biotech stocks and is currently rotating towards dividend stocks in energy and shipping.

I’m a ten year veteran of biotechnology, and currently pursuing my MBA from UCLA.  I use my knowledge of the industry and business to make my investing decisions.  I look for small to mid-cap biotech companies with innovative research and buy into their company during clinical trials.

Andreas is providing stock tips with deep fundamental research behind each stock he recommends. He is privately a portfolio manager at his own Investment company where he Invest in stocks, options, CFD’s etc. with a balanced long/short approach.

Jacob’s approach is to search for that which is undervalued and where the discount to the intrinsic value provides a large margin of safety. He believes sectors that are either out of favor or in distress typically offer the best opportunities.