Value Investing and the World of Biotech


Generally, biotech and value investing aren’t concepts that fit together, and they’re right.  Most biotech investors are speculators, momentum investors, and traders.  What makes investing in biotech so different then value investing is the ability to place a value on biotech, especially small pre-revenue biotech companies (in this article when I refer to biotech it is specifically small pre-revenue biotech).  …

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The Case for Tonix Pharmaceuticals

Biotech, fundmanager

Tonix Pharmaceutical Holding Company is a small little company located in the sleepy little town of New York City.  So maybe New York City isn’t that small, it’s actually the second largest city in the world, but Tonix is a small little company.  In fact it’s market cap is only $32.4M, small enough that in theory the Inrater community could …

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