InnoLight Technology

    [td_text_with_title custom_title=”Company description”]InnoLight Technology is a leading high speed optical transceiver supplier in China, who researches, designs, builds and markets the best high-end optical transceivers (10G/40G/100G). We focus on the development of high-speed optical modules with characteristics of large capacity, small size, low power, low cost , to provide the best-of-breed optical interconnect solutions for customers in areas such as cloud computing, data centers, data communication, long-distance transmission, wireless access, etc. Our value proposition is our leading-edge optical component and packaging technology, high speed optical module design know-how, and unique low-cost testing capability.

    InnoLight was founded in April 2008. The start-up team includes well-known U.S. venture capitalists, abroad returnees Dr., as well as excellent technical and marketing staff. Our clear goal is to combine the advanced technology and innovative company operating experience in Silicon Valley with Chinese outstanding talents and broad market, and to build a world-class high-end optical module company.

    InnoLight has achieved substantial success. We offer a complete line of 10G SFP+, 10G XFP and 40G QSFP+ products, over 50 product categories, to meet various application requirements, and are currently developing 100G data center products. Our products have been successfully deployed by 1st tier customers in China and overseas, and widely used by a number of the industry’s top system equipment manufacturers. Sales organizations and distribution partners service in China, North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Russia, Israel, etc. The revenue grew 100% annually. And, Headquartered in Suzhou China, InnoLight has sale offices and R&D centers in China, US and Taiwan. We won many awards, such as National High-tech Enterprises, “Thousand Talents Program”, and the National Torch Plan. By October 2013, InnoLight has been authorized 35 patents.[/td_text_with_title]

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    Innolight in 100 Million IPO

    After closing of a series C funding of 38 million USD in september 2014 Innolight is now ready to go public on the Nasdaq under the ticker INLT. The series C was Backed by Google Inc.