Our initial fee $49 for Fundmanagers covers:

  • Setup of portfolio
  • Your fundmanager profile
  • Ongoing validation of performance, updates on trades and dividends etc.

Payments are made to your Paypal account each month (if you don´t have a Paypal – its free to sign up)

If you have a registered company you can deduct the V.A.T – just send an invoice every month.


All payments info are held by Paypal for security reasons. In order for you to stop your subscription you can – at any time – go to Paypal and stop your subscription there.

Once you have unsubscribed your access to the Fundmanagers pages and portfolio will be restricted from the day of the unsubsription.

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A trading update is a notification that something has happened in the portfolio. It could be a stock that is sold or bought, a conference call, report or other event that the Fundmanager comments on. You can subscribe to his notification and get all trading updates on email.

Knowledge base


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Fundmanagers trading updates are available on their profile pages (requires subscription)

Quick Tour

InRater is a collaborative service dedicated fundmanagers who want to share trading updates and portfolio with retail investors. We want to help those who blog and invest to build a steady revenue stream from their activities. For the retail investors we ensure that the perfomance is validated and update all trades and portfolio´s in realtime.

InRaters has 4 different forums for investor discussions.

The community is only as strong as its contributing members, so why not be the first to mention your top pick from your portfolio? Or make your case for making your stock the next collaborative endeavour on InRater.

You can find the forums here:




Passive investments

At the bottom of the page there is a bar where you can chat with the other profiles. There is two types of chat.


which you access by clicking on the individual avatar in the first box.

Best finance chat
Best finance chat

Global chat

which correspond to the collabortive spaces are accessed through the little icon to the right. In these rooms more than two can chat.

Global business chatMobile Chat

If you are using InRater from a mobile device you can find a customized mobile chat here.  You have to be logged in and registered to use the chat.

Your Profile




If you have lost your password (that happens) you go to the login page. Underneath the login box theres is  in small grey print a link to lost password. Hit it. lost_passwordThen you come to this box where you input your email or username. Follow the instructions in that email (check spamfolder for it)

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