InRater – no longer in Beta

After almost a year in Beta mode we have now launched InRater as a niche site for investing in Biotech and Technology.

This is where we believe InRater has an edge in the investment space, mostlt due to the background of our founders in companies like ProInvestor and BeatWallStreet (the mobile app game).

InRater starts out in the realm of Tech IPO´s and the world of BreakThrough Designated (BTD) drugs. We will endevour to get as much relevant information to you about these 2 areas, which is more than hot nowadays.

BTD is a 2,5 years old designation from the FDA which has an explosive impact of the valuation of small/medium biotech companies. It not only shortens the time of trials but also sends a clear signal to the market that this drug is addressing a medical need and approval will be easiser.

We have seen that valuation has been skyrocketing following BTD designation, but we have yet to see most of these drugs actually getting to the market and getting blockbuster sales.

We are very well founded (and invested) in Danish Biotech, most notably Genmab, through almost 2(!) decades.

Tech IPO´s is another field of interest. The pre ipo valuations are going of the charts and we want a piece of the action too. So we are monitoring all the interesting Tech companies to find that elusive 20 bagger investment.

We are not only tech guys, we are also investors.

So we walk the talk. Always.