Version 1.25 – New Q&A Feature & Support forum

Today we have released version 1.25 of InRater, which includes a new feature for premium clients. Now you can pose a question to our different fundmanagers. This has been a feature request from several of our loyal clients. You can access the Q&A section from the forum and is only available for paying clients.

You can write in your own langauage whether Danish, Swedish or English.

We are very happy for every piece of feedback that you have for us.

InRater now has over 2.000 unique visitors each and every month. We are still a low key concept, but things might change in 2016. For now we grow via word-of-mouth and we ask you to share the articles that you like so we can bring our independent stock research to more people.

We thank you for your continued support.

Along with the new Q&A Feature, we have made the fundmanagers article hub a bit more sleek for usability reasons.

Inrater version 1.25















In the coming week we will also change the chatforum so that will become for support purposes. You are welcome to contact us there as well as on our contact page.

Merry Christmas

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