Poised to pop – follow up

3 months ago we selected 3 stocks that could go 30% higher. The stocks in question was Biotek Pharmacon, Alstom and Celladon.You can read the article here http://inrater.com/3-stocks-poised-to-pop-30-in-3-months/

Our timing was good for Alstom and Celladon and exceptionally great with Biotek Pharmacon, which popped almost 100% from 9 to 18 NOK. We sold our position before, banking a 30% return on few weeks.

Alstom has also been on the rise, and will yield over 30% on the share buyback on 1/3 of the stocks in late january 2016. The rest we will keep, after cancellation of the stocks Alstom buys back, but we will be looking for an exit in the +30€ area for the remainder of the position.

Celladon has been the most flatish of the picks with a possible gain of 25% from the 1$ mark. (now it trades at 1,08$). However we did not venture into that trade because of the risk profile.

So all in all, some good picks for the short term.

For the moment we see tremendous oppurtunities in the VLCC tanker market and are positioning our portfolios for that play. We believe these investments will start to contribute to our networth in 6 months or so as well as increasing the earning power of the portfolio immediately.