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Peter Hildebrandt has a master degree in Politics from the University of Copenhagen. He has been investing for more than 17 years.

He is the founder of ProInvestor, BeatWallStreet and InRater. Mainly invests in Biotech, technology and is currently rotating towards dividend stocks in energy and shipping.

“I will review all companies at least 4 times a year in conjunction with their fiscal report. Currently my bias is that stocks, expecially biotech is in the high end of their valuation due to excessive M&A activity. I am focused on debt levels for every company.”

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Andreas, known as Investor1989 on forums like Proinvestor and EuroInvestor, has been providing stock tips and analysis of value stocks with deep fundamental research behind each stock he recommends.
Andreas is privately a portfolio manager at his own Investment company where he Invest in stocks, options, CFD’s etc. with a balanced long/short hedge fund style.
“I will invest with a long term horizon making regularly updates on the stocks i hold and update on financial and conference call updates. I will do analysis everytime i add or dispose a stock in the portfolio.”

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